Cut the Rope 2 getting iOS exclusive launch on December 19

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With over 400 million downloads and over 2 years after its initial launch, version 2 of the candy feeding and rope slicing game, Cut the Rope 2, is being launched for on December 19 exclusively for iOS.

Zeptolab has released a trailer [below] for the game hinting at what users much expect from Cut the Rope 2; however, the company hasn’t provided any details about the Android release of the game. But we expect that the Android version should be released soon after the iOS version hits Apple App Store.

Om Nom will be the lead character in the game; however, from the trailer it is evident that Zeptolab has introduced quite a few other characters in Cut the Rope 2. Further, the game developer has also introduced new locations, new gameplay elements as well as tweaked gameplay mechanics.

Zeptolab is also adding new content to other versions of game. Cut the Rope: Time Travel will be getting Wild West and Future levels; Cut the Rope: Experiments is getting Bamboo Chutes level pack at the end of the month; and Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift is going free on iOS.