Twitter quietly removes custom backgrounds from users’ profile pages, timelines

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Twitter has removed background images and customized wallpapers from users’ timelines and profile pages and replaced them with a blank white background.

Previously, users were allowed to set wallpaper or customized image of their choice for their profile page which also reflected elsewhere on Twitter’s website. But now they can no longer set their own background pictures. However, users still will have the option to change their profile photo, header photo and theme color.

Twitter has confirmed the removal of background images from the home and notifications timelines on the web for all users saying “We’re removing background images from the home and notifications timelines on web for all users.”

“Now, background images are only available where logged-in users will see them publicly (Tweet pages, list pages and collections pages). You can find help center content about customizing your design and where it’s visible on Twitter here.”

“You can customize your design theme so that users who click to view your Tweet detail pages will see it. Other than your theme color, your design theme will not be visible on your profile or Home timeline,” Twitter’s support page now reads.

The company has not provided any official reason as to why this change has been implemented. The sudden change has also led to speculation that the plain backgrounds might make way for advertising.

Twitter users are not at all happy with the change as they have voiced their disappointment via the social-networking platform itself.

“Hey, Twitter. The #blindingwhite background is clean, boring, and not what I chose. Aside from that, it’s brilliant,” comedian and actor Harry Shearer tweeted.

Another tweeter read “So Twitter has decided to change all the profiles to a white background, the same thing Myspace did right before they went down in flames!”