GTA: San Andreas lands on iOS, will be released for Windows Phone and Android soon

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has been released for iOS with a price tag of $6.99 with reports that the mobile version of the game will head to Android, Windows Phone and Kindle very soon.

Rockstar announced its plans of releasing GTA: San Andreas for mobile platforms in late November revealing that the mobile version of the game should be available sometime in December.

At the time Rockstar had revealed that the mobile version of GTA: San Andreas will be quite different from the PC variant. Its controls have been tweaked specifically for mobile gameplay and graphics have been remastered to include greater draw distance, dynamic and detailed shadows along with enriched colour palette.

“Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for mobile also comes equipped with full controller support, including Made for iOS controller capability on iOS7”, Rockstar announced.

You can get your hands on the iOS version from Apple App Store here.