Apple releases iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan public betas

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Apple on Thursday rolled out public betas of its mobile operating system iOS 9 and next version of operating system used by Macs dubbed OS X El Capitan. The public betas will allow early adopters to try out the new features available in both operating systems.

Announced at WWDC 2015 back in June, Apple’s iOS 9 and Mac OS X El Capitan are the latest versions of the Cupertino’s software. The betas of both operating systems were made accessible to registered developers last month, but now the public betas are free for all and users now don’t need a developer ID, which costs at $99 annually.

iOS and Mac users interested in trying out the public betas can sign up on Apple’s beta software program page. On registering for public beta, users will notice a feedback Assistant app on both MAc and mobile. This will let users give feedback about the new OSes.

However, it should be noted that they are beta versions and could come riddled with bugs and can also crash a lot.
Those registering for the beta will get a plethora of new features and apps on both iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan.

The latest developer build of iOS 9 adds a range of new features including an entirely revamped two-factor authentication system, a redesigned app switcher for easier multi-tasking, the News app, Music quality settings for Apple Music (already available in iOS 8.4), 4×4 grid for app folders on the iPad, and more.

As far as Mac OS X 10.11 is concerned, the OS adds a host of new features including improved Spotlight search results, the ability to pin full-screen applications to one side of the screen or the other, contextual search results in mail and finder and the ability to shake the trackpad to find the cursor.