Brit sets up €1.6 billion crowdfunding campaign for Greece bailout

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In a first of its kind initiative, Thom Feeney, a shoe shop worker from Yorkshire in the UK has started a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo to bailout Greece with a goal of €1.6 billion.

The reason Feeney started this campaign was that he got bored of the daily dithering over Greece with various European countries deliberating whether they can help the Greek people or not.

“Why don’t we the people just sort it instead?” Feeney writes in the crowdfunding campaign description.

Feeney says that the bailout money – €1.6 billion – seem to be a huge figure, he argues that it’s only just over €3 from each European. With a population of 503 million, if each European shells out just €3 that equals half a pint in London or Feta and Olive salad in Europe, Greece could be bailed out without any government assistance.

“So come on, order a Feta and Olive salad, maybe wash it down with an Ouzo or glass of Assyrtiko greek wine and let’s sort this shit out”, he notes.

In lieu of the contributions, Feeney is offering a range of gifts as token of appreciation. If you donate €3 you will get a postcard of Alex Tsipras, the Greek Prime Minister. This he says will get made and posted in Greece so as to give a little boost to some local printers and post offices.

If you pledge €6, you will get greek Feta and Olive salad; €10 will get your a small bottle of Ouzo; and €25 will get you a bottle of Greek wine.

The token of appreciations get bigger as you pledge more. With €160 you get a Greek food basket; pledge €5,000 and you will be sent on an all inclusive Greek holiday in Athens for 2 people.

Feeney also had on offer a perk a Greek island for anyone who pledged the entire amount of €1.6 billion, but he retracted it later on as the Greek Government had not officially agreed to this.

As of this writing the campaign has already surpassed €213,000 mark. There are only 7 days to go before the campaign ends, the target amount is no where in sight. Though we don’t expect any miracles to happen in the next 7 days, the idea is nonetheless quite novel.