Microsoft Windows 10 to ship with free Office apps?

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Microsoft once used to ship Office Starter and Works productivity software suite for free with its Windows operating systems, but it has since stopped its practice for reasons unknown. However, its competitors have continued that practice and it’s about time that Redmond resumes that practice.

With Microsoft already shipping limited-abilities-version of Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps for Android and iOS devices, it won’t be too far-fetched to assume that free and limited-capability versions of the productivity suite may come with Windows 10.

The clue of free office apps with Windows 10 OS were dropped by an unlikely vendor – ARCHOS. The company is releasing a £79 ARCHOS PC Stick that runs Windows 10 out of the box. The PC stick can be plugged into a display – a TV or a computer screen – and you get a desktop-on-the-go.

In the press release, ARCHOS reveals that the PC stick will be preloaded with Office applications – Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

“Microsoft Office applications are already pre-installed on the ARCHOS PC Stick including Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, and PowerPoint Mobile”

The ‘Mobile’ word at the end is important and this indicates that the apps will not be full-fledged office apps, but will rather offer limited functionalities. Users may be required to purchase Office 365 subscriptions for full functionality.

The reason we are inclined to say that the apps will have limited functionality is that the PC stick is being launched as a part of ARCHOS back to school range meant for students.