Microsoft Windows 10 Home prices revealed for UK, Eurozone

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Microsoft Windows 10 will be publicly released on July 29 and with over a month to go, we have finally been made aware of the Windows 10 Home prices in the UK and Eurozone.

Windows 10 Home in the UK will cost £99, while it will cost €135 in Europe. The prices were revealed through the “Get Windows 10” nag screen that Microsoft has been pushing out to Windows 7 and 8.1 computers globally. The indicated pricing is tentative actual prices may vary, reads the nag screen.

There are quite a few other versions of Windows 10 including Professional, Enterprise, IoT Core, Education, etc., but prices of all these variants are yet to be announced.

The Windows 10 Pro pricing has already been revealed for the US where it will cost $199; however, any such announcement is missing for the UK where it is expected to cost about £199.

One thing to note is that Windows 10 Home has been priced equivalent to the prices of Windows 8.1 – meaning that Redmond wants to keep the price tags at the level that its buyers are accustomed to.

With all the hype surrounding Windows 10, previous weekend was a roller coaster ride with a lot of speculations on who will and won’t be eligible to receive a free license of Microsoft’s latest operating system.

In related news, Microsoft is expected to release Windows 10 on USB flash drives enabling users with laptops and notebooks without DVD drives to install the operating system. There is no official word from Microsoft regarding such a plan, but it seems appropriate to opt for this option as all systems have USB drives, but few have DVD drives.