Microsoft Surface Pro 4’s release to follow Windows 10’s launch?

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Emerging reports from around the internet suggest that Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 successor, which we believe will be called the Surface Pro 4, might get released at the same time or shortly after the Windows 10 launch.

Redmond’s current flagship tablet, the Surface Pro 3, recently received a price drop promotion in the United States which suggests that the company might soon announce a launch for the Surface Pro 4. Nothing official about the Surface Pro 4 release has yet been announced.

According to reports, the Surface Pro 4 will come in two sizes- a 12-inch display and a 14-inch display, both of which will sport 2,160 x 1,440 pixel resolution, and will run the upcoming Windows 10.

The Surface Pro 4 is expected to be powered by the Intel Core M Broadwell chip. However, there are reports which claim that the hybrid device will have the Skylake chipset. The Skylake processors are expected to be launched by August. If the software giant does wait for the new processors then the Surface Pro 4 might benefit from faster processing speeds and higher storage space.

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However, chances are that Intel may have promised Microsoft to provide enough quantities of the processors earlier so as to enable Microsoft to ship out its tablets earlier.

Memory and storage wise, the upcoming hybrid device could feature 16GB of RAM (up from the 8GB in the Surface Pro 3) and storage of up to a massive 1TB. There are rumors that the upcoming Surface Pro 4 will come with a stylus pen, just like the Pro 3, and the Type-C USB port.

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It is reported that the Surface Pro 4 may be compatible with the Holo Lens VR device as well. It is rumored to be packed with two cameras. The front camera will be of 3.5 Megapixel in resolution while the rear may feature an 8 Megapixel camera.