Motorola rolls out Android 5.1 Lollipop for Moto X (2013)

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Motorola has finally released Android 5.1 Lollipop for its first ever Moto X, which was released in 2013.

According to reports, the update is being rolled out to consumers in US, Brazil and Canada. As the latest firmware has started rolling out just before a few hours, it might take some time before it hits your smartphone based on your location.

Users of unlocked Moto X in US and Brazil have reported of having received the firmware update, while only owners of a Rogers unit in Canada have reported receiving the update.

If you are an owner of Moto X and haven’t been abreast with the features your phone will be blessed with post the update, then here is a quick reminder of a few.

First and foremost is the Material Design across the system including themes, colors and widgets. Your Moto X will also staring showing Notifications UI and Priorities. After the update you will be able to tailor how interruptions behave – allow all, none, or priority only; personalize what Priority is, even tailor Priority interruptions to come from specific contacts.

Motorola is throwing in Motorola Assist, Motorola Active Display, Moto Voice, and Moto Actions. Further, you also have the option of either going for a stock Moto Display or Lollipop’s Ambient Display.

Support for multiple user accounts is a welcome addition that will enable you to set up multiple user accounts on your device; give calling and text privileges to other users of your device, or restrict them as you like.

The update also brings new battery settings panel and new battery saver mode.

If you have already received the notification for an update, but are yet to update your Moto X, it is recommended that your phone has at least 50 per cent battery remaining and is connected to WiFi.

Select “Yes I’m in”, and after the software is downloaded select “Install now”. After the installation, your phone will restart automatically.

Those of you who haven’t received the notofication yet can look in Settings > About Phone > System Updates. From there you should be able to follow the same steps as above.