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Amazon Coins now available in the UK

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Amazon has announced its Coins virtual currency for UK customers with an initial freebie offer whereby every Kindle Fire owner’s Amazon account will be credited with 400 Amazon Coins worth £4 for buying Kindle Fire apps, games or in-app purchases.

One Amazon Coin will have the purchase power of 1p for apps, games and in-app purchases. Under this coin scheme, Kindle Fire tablet owners will be able to purchase virtual coins and then redeem them to buy apps, games and in-app items on the Amazon.co.uk Appstore and on the firm’s tablet lineup.

Mike George, VP of apps and games at Amazon said “… we are giving Kindle Fire owners £4 worth of Coins to spend on new apps and games, such as Candy Crush Saga and Angry Birds Star Wars. And with discounts of up to 10 percent when you buy Coins in bulk, this is a great way for customers to save money when they buy apps, games and in-app items.”

“We will continue to add more ways to earn and spend Coins on a wider range of content and activities”, he added.

Amazon users will be able to save up to 10% on apps and games by making a purchase using Amazon coins. Amazon has however revealed that users cannot use coins to buy digital goods such as ebooks, music and films etc.

Amazon Coins which were launched in the US in May this year has helped in boosting developer income to a great extent.