Twitter aims to woo non-users with revamped informative homepage

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Twitter has rolled out a new homepage that aims to woo non-Twitter users to sign up.

“People who log in get the full experience: they can browse the complete catalog of public Tweets, Tweet themselves or engage with Tweets they see. Today, we’re making a big change for the many millions of people who visit every month who don’t log in, but still want to know what’s happening,” said Twitter in a blog post.

Until now, users to the website were only presented with a brief greeting and were prompted to either log in or to register to Twitter. As part of the change, the Twitter homepage will now show interesting topics like Politics, Pop Artists and even Cute Animals that even users, who either aren’t signed in or don’t have a Twitter account, can explore. They will be able to click on the topic to see a timeline of tweets from some of the most popular accounts on that topic.

The idea behind the move is to introduce non-users to interesting content without requiring them to sign up and figure out who to follow.

“As with everything we build, we’ll be making lots of improvements along the way so that Twitter’s front page continues to be informative, entertaining and relevant to everyone. Stay tuned,” continued Twitter.

The new revamped Twitter.com homepage has begun rolling out to US users and will be made available in other regions worldwide “over time”.