Google rolls out new keyboard app ‘Google Handwriting Input’

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Google has rolled out a new Android keyboard app dubbed ‘Google Handwriting Input’ which will allow for handwriting input across other apps. Users can use the app to input both words and emojis by hand-drawing the words or shapes.

According to Google, the app supports 82 languages in 20 distinct scripts. It can prove to be very useful for languages that can be challenging to type on a standard keyboard. The Google Handwriting Input app also works with printed and cursive writing input, even without a stylus.

The app also supports emojis, for which users will just need to draw an emoji on the screen and it get displayed on the screen. By default, the app uses Google’s light teal color scheme, which users can change to dark theme. Option to choose from local or cloud-based handwriting recognition is also included. Google Handwriting Input works with or without an Internet connection.

“Entering text on mobile devices is still considered inconvenient by many; touchscreen keyboards, although much improved over the years, require a lot of attention to hit the right buttons,” Google’s Research Blog reads.

“Voice input is an option, but there are situations where it is not feasible, such as in a noisy environment or during a meeting. Using handwriting as an input method can allow for natural and intuitive input method for text entry which complements typing and speech input methods.”

Sized at 11.83MB, the app supports Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich and later OS versions, and is currently available for download from Google Play.