Mega iOS app submitted to Apple; Sync client for Windows, Mac & Linux coming soon

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Kim Dotcom has revealed through a series of tweets that Mega has submitted its iOS app to Apple App Store for review and approval and the file sharing company will also be releasing a sync client for Windows, Mac & Linux soon.

Mega acquired an Android app back in July and re-launched it as a free Android app and at the time had noted that the iOS app and a Windows sync client were already in the works. Dotcom revealed that the beta testing for the sync clients was done with 150 users and currently the company is busy fixing some bugs.



Dotcom hasn’t detailed any information about the new sync clients but considering the patch Mega has chosen, it won’t be too far-fetched to assume that the clients may have functionality similar to Dropbox.

Along with the iOS app submission, Mega also launched “a new and improved site” which is “Faster & better than ever.” Dotcom added “Encrypted communication features will follow.”

Dotcom has also posted a photo of the Mega iOS App application. The status reads “waiting for review.”

Mega iOS app