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Linux 3.12-rc7 released, final version expected next week

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Linux 3.12-rc7, which would probably be the last of the release candidates for Linux 3.12, has been released.

The decrease in the rc sizes which was observed over the course of last two rc releases have reversed with the Linux 3.12-rc7 being quite bigger in size at this stage in the release cycle. Most of the updates, according to Linus Torvalds, are to do with networking. “You can see that in the diffstat, with more than 50% being networking (both driver and core) patches”, notes Torvalds in the release announcement.

The rest of the updates include those related to GPU, HID, SCSI, thermal and media. There are some architecture updates as well – s390, x86 and parsic. Torvalds notes that there is nothing particularly shocking in Linux 3.12-rc7 and that “we’re still on track for 3.12.”

Having said that Torvalds notes that there are chances that something worrisome comes along and he might release an rc8 instead of the Linux 3.12 final. Further, the kernel guru also notes that he may keep the Linux 3.13 merge window open for longer, if he releases Linux 3.12 as planned because he has a couple of trips lined up with just one week in between.