PS4 update 2.50 will bring ‘suspend-resume’, ‘custom button mapping’ features

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Leaked pictures suggest the next firmware update to Sony’s PlayStation 4 gaming console will add support for the much demanded ‘suspend-resume’ and ‘custom button mapping’ features.

Sony PS4 2.5 Update

The leaked images put out on Twitter and NeoGAF have revealed that the PS4 update 2.50 will bring with it the ability to enter rest mode without closing an application.

“The system can now enter rest mode without closing any applications,” read the update notes. “You can adjust this setting in [Power Save Settings] > [Set Functions Available in Rest Mode].”

The Suspend/Resume feature will basically let gamers suspend a game, put PS4 in standby and then reload it at will and pick up the game from exactly where they had left off. This feature is already included on Xbox One.

According to Twitter user Wario64, the other feature that will arrive in PS4 update 2.50 is the ability to adjust Accessibility Settings such as zooming and button assignments. Other additions include the ability to delete Trophy entries for games where users have not unlocked any, and 60fps support for Share Play.

Furthermore, MVPs, currently participating on the System Software Beta Testing Program, are claiming that the next PS4 firmware update will add the ability to completely customise the buttons of the DualShock 4.

Although Sony has not disclosed any release date for PS4 firmware update 2.50, the same is expected to be available soon.