Apple prepping new Beats-powered music streaming service, report claims

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Recent reports suggest Apple is currently working on a brand new Beats-powered app for iOS and Android.

Technology website 9to5Mac, citing multiple sources within Apple and the music industry, reports that the Cupertino is prepping to launch a completely new paid streaming music service that will compete with Spotify and Rdio.

“Rather than merely installing the existing Beats Music app onto iPhones, Apple has decided to deeply integrate Beats into iOS, iTunes, and the Apple TV. The company is currently developing new Beats-infused versions of the Music application for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, as well as an updated iTunes application for computers that deeply integrates Beats functionality. A new Apple TV application is also in the works,” the report notes.

As per the report, the interface of the new service has been designed to ‘deeply integrate’ Beats into the iOS mobile operating system, iTunes media store and Apple TV. The design of the app will be all Apple, however, the content and the branding will be taken from the existing Beats Music app.

The yet-to-be announced music streaming service will link with a user’s music library and will allow them to search for songs in the iTunes and Beats catalogue.

There are even rumors that the Cupertino is planning to add social networking features into the service to allow users to follow their favorite artists, for example.

As far as pricing is concerned, 9to5Mac reports that Apple is likely to charge $7.99 per month, and not $5 a month as discussed earlier, for the music streaming service.

Launch of the new service is expected to take place at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June.