TalkTalk to turn on adult content filter by default

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After UK broadband provider Sky, it’s now TalkTalk to have begun filtering adult content by default. TalkTalk has announced that it will turn on web filters by default for all undecided customers.

Users, who have not yet decided on whether or not to activate net filters, will be required to opt out of the pop-up box if they wish to access restricted material and will be prompted to review their settings every 12 months.

The net provider said almost 95 percent of its 4.2m customers have already made their decisions on web filters and “a very small proportion” of its customers are yet to make a decision.

“We pre-tick the ‘on’ option, but it’s the customer’s choice,” the post from TalkTalk reads.

“Filters will only ever be applied if the customer has consented and they’re able to change their mind or edit their level of protection at any point.”

“Those who have not yet visited the settings page will be confronted with a pop-up box if they try to access a web page that would be blocked by the filter.”

The announcement follows UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s push for mandatory opt-in adult filters.

Sky announced last week that its Broadband Shield content filter will be turned on by default, unless customers choose to turn it off.

BT and Virgin are yet to announce proposals for automatic filters.