GTA V PC pre-order loaded with bonuses including free $1 million in-game cash, free game

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Those who pre-order Grand Theft Auto (GTA) V for PC will be getting $1 million in-game cash boost as well as a free PC game to choose from, Rockstar has announced.

Just recently Rockstar delayed GTA V PC once again and the new release date is March 24, 2015 and the reason according to the company is that the game required more testing and polishing.

“Our apologies for the slight shift in the date but the game requires a few extra weeks of testing and polish to make it as good as can be,” Rockstar explained at the time.

“Moving a release date is never a decision we take lightly and is a choice we make only when we know it is in the best interests of the game and our fans. Thanks everyone for your understanding and we assure you these few extra weeks will be worth it when the game does arrive.”

The delay in the game’s release may not be bad after all considering that the company is offering quite a few goodies to all those who pre-order the game. First up it’s the $1 million in-game cash, half of which gamers can spend in GTA V while the other half can be spent on GTA Online.

If you pre-order the game from Rockstar Warehouse between now and February 1, you will also be entitled to receive a free PC game from a selection of Rockstar titles including GTA San Andreas, Bully, GTA 3, GTA 4, GTA: Episodes from Liberty City, GTA Vice City, Manhunt, Max Payne 2, Max Payne 3, Midnight Club 2 and L.A Noire: The Complete Edition and an additional $300,000 in-game cash bonus for GTA Online.

Those who opt for Steam will be getting the in-game cash boost and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for PC. Pre-orders are also available on Green Man Gaming, Gamersgate and quite a few other sites.