Samsung launches video app ‘Milk VR’ for Gear VR

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Samsung has rolled out a video-content application dubbed Milk VR for its Gear VR headset that will provide 360-degree video content for the headset.

Launched on Tuesday, the Milk VR offers downloadable and streamable content free-of-charge to Gear VR owners. The app has currently been rolled out as a public technical preview with limited content. The video released are less than 10 minutes in length and it is available in categories like Fresh, Trending, Action, Music, Sports, Planet VR and VR Life.

“Video is like the Wild West in VR.There are so many ways to shoot immersive video. Milk VR can play a wide range of content,” said Nick DiCarlo, Head of Samsung’s VR business, in an interview to CNET, earlier this month.

The Milk VR service can be accessed through mobile handset Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The app can also access Milk Video and Milk Music, which are a video streaming and radio app respectively.

Samsung has promised to update the app content on a regular basis, giving early adopters enough music and videos to spend wholesome time with the device. The tech giant has also tweeted a video of the new service.

Samsung’s $199.99 virtual reality headset Gear VR was officially launched in September, with a full-scale public roll out expected in early 2015.