Customer satisfacation: EE worst in mobile, BT worst in landline

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Everything Everywhere (EE) is said to have the largest number of dissatisfied customers with only 69 per cent of them satisfied with the services provided by the mobile operator – far below the national average levels. BT on the other hand has been deemed the worst in both landline as well as fixed broadband services.

In its latest customer satisfaction levels study, Ofcom has detailed customer satisfaction across the board for Pay TV, landline, Mobile, and Broadband – both fixed and mobile.

In the survey, O2 managed to ace the customer satisfaction level charts with 78 per cent respondents stating that they were satisfied with the service – 5 per cent points more than the national average of 73 per cent. Only 69 per cent of EE customer were said to be satisfied.

“Overall customer service satisfaction scores for 3/Three, EE, O2, Virgin Mobile and Vodafone are all in line with the 2014 sector average and none of these providers’ overall scores significantly increased from 2013 (where comparable)”, notes Ofcom.

In the landline vertical, Ofcom ranked Sky the top provider with 79 per cent customer satisfaction – a whopping 12 per cent points higher than the national average of 67 per cent. The worst company in landline was BT with as many as 40 per cent customers dissatisfied with the service.

A similar picture was presented for fixed broadband service where Sky topped the charts with 75 per cent customer satisfied with the service while BT was at the bottom of the list with just 60 per cent customer satisfied.

“BT’s overall satisfaction score (60%) was significantly lower than average. They also performed below average on specific customer service measures including speed and ease of getting through to the right person, time taken to handle issues and offering compensation or a goodwill payment”, notes Ofcom.