The w595 from Sony Ericsson -W595 Proves a Popular Deal!

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The w595 Handset from Sony Ericsson is proving popular with consumers.

The Handset comes equipped with a whole host of features, including:

* ‘PlayNow’ Arena.

Play now arena has been designed to give access to music in an instant, as well as games and other media to make your phone more fun.

* Walkman® phone

With the Walkman software on your phone, you can use your phone as, well, a Walkman! – So you have a phone and portable player all in one.

* W595 Shake control

The W595 also have ‘shake controls’ – in the office we loved this! – It allows you to change the track you are listening to by simply holding the Walkman key, and flicking your wrist! Wicked! – The phone does provide a brief vibrations feedback to you, just so that you know the track has been changed. (Be warned… it picks a song out of your playlist at random! Hehehe).

* Video Blog Tools

With your W595 comes your own blog site! – The phone allows you to easily use this site as your own video blog, by taking videos with the handset, and uploading it to your blog with just a few clicks!

Of course, the W595 also has lots of other funky features, like music recognition technology, a great little camera, and games like ‘Guitar Rock Hero’.

The W595 is now available from 3 Mobile, with various deals available. W595 on Three.

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