Sony denies PSN hack claims

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Sony has outright denied recent reports of PlayStation Network hack claiming that the recent leaks of customer login credentials are fake.

Reports started flowing in a couple of days back that a hacking group going by the name DerpTrolling have managed to get hold of thousands of login credentials of Sony PSN, 2K Games and Windows Live. Out of these, the hacker collective released a partial list of credentials.

In a statement to CNET, DerpTrolling said that they have millions of credentials and card data from 2K, Comcast, Twitter, CIA domain, Windows Live, Facebook, EA origin, and other such services.

However, Sony has come forward stating that they have investigated the claims and found no evidence of the alleged hack. “We have investigated the claims that our network was breached and have found no evidence that there was any intrusion into our network,” a Sony representative wrote in an emailed statement to Joystiq.

Sony has however stressed that they take such claims seriously and continues to monitor its networks to ensure security of its users.