Google settles patent dispute with Rockstar

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Google has reportedly agreed to end a patent litigation suit with patent consortium Rockstar which has backers including Apple, Microsoft, BlackBerry and Sony.

According to a recent filing submitted with the US District Court of the Eastern District of Texas, Google and the Rockstar Consortium have agreed to settle the dispute over patents acquired by Rockstar.

Back in 2011, Rockstar paid $4.5 billion to acquire thousands of former Nortel Network Corp patents including valuable patents for cellphone and Wi-Fi networking as the networking products supplier went bankrupt.

Last year in October Rockstar sued Google, HTC, Samsung, and other makers of smartphones, whose phones operate on Google’s Android operating system, accusing them of infringing seven Nortel patents, all related to search engine technology. All the seven patents in question related to how Google provides advertisements based on users’ search terms.

As reported by Reuters, the duo has agreed to settle “all matters in controversy between the parties” and that the two companies have agreed upon a term sheet on 12 November, which will be “reduced to a definitive agreement” over the coming weeks.

The terms of the Google settlement remained disclosed. It is also not clear if settlement with Google will also eventually lead to Rockstar settling with Google’s Android partners it has sued, including Samsung and HTC.

Neither Google nor Rockstar representatives could be reached for comments.