Intel readies MICA – the bracelet that has both beauty and smarts

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Intel and Open Ceremony have revealed details about their upcoming wearable MICA short for My Intelligent Communication Accessory – a bracelet that features a rare combination of beauty and smarts.

Details about MICA, which will be ready in time for Christmas, weren’t available to a great extent until now and from what we have seen from the latest reveal, the wearable is definitely appealing compared to its rivals.

MICA, which will carry a sub-$100 price tag, will work as a standalone gadget with users able to Facebook, Google and Yelp via an AT&T data plan. MICA is aimed at fashion-conscious women and highlights both Intel’s and Open Ceremony’s attempt to stand out in a growing field of wearable gadgets.


So what does MICA have to offer? Well this piece of jewelry – if we may call that – will enable wearers to receive text messages, notification of incoming mail with the ability to quickly dismiss them or respond to them through quick canned messages. MICA notifies users of incoming alert through vibration.

MICA will also notify users of upcoming appoints scheduled in Google Calendar, Facebook appointments and other reminders powered by TomTom and Intel based on the wearer’s location. Users will also be able to carry out local search and find out local restaurant locations through Yelp.

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Security is of paramount importance for any gadget of this price and to cater to that requirement, it features remote access, locking, and location tracking. Configuration of MICA can be done through a Web-based portal thereby removing the need of connecting it to a smartphone.

As far as the looks are concerned, both the companies have ensured that their gadget not only serves as a gadget, but also as a fashion accessory. To do that Opening Ceremony is using luxurious materials including black and white water snake skin, pearls from China, lapis stones from Madagascar, tiger’s eye from South Africa and obsidian from Russia.

To ensure that the display doesn’t look cheap next to all these precious material, MICA has been blessed with coveted sapphire crystal glass.