‘Facebook at Work’ in the works as Facebook eyes professional networking entry

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Facebook has already etched its name in the social networking vertical and now it is reportedly eyeing the professional network space with its ‘Facebook at Work’, which will not only rival LinkedIn, but also Microsoft’s Outlook, Yammer, Google’s Drive and other similar services.

According to a Financial Times report, citing sources familiar with the matter, the social networking giant’s new product ‘Facebook at Work’ will let professional users send message to their colleagues, connect with professional contacts and collaborate over documents.

Facebook’s upcoming business-focused social network will look and feel very much like its existing social network– with a news feed and groups – the only difference will be that the former will allow users to keep their personal and professional profiles separate.

As per the report, the new professional service, which is apparently being worked on by developers in London for over a year, has been in use internally at Facebook already, while some external companies are also said to be testing out the new product. However, no exact release date for the product has yet been disclosed.

It’s claimed that the website will be free to use, while majority of its revenue will be funded via advertising same as it is with the consumer version of Facebook.

During an earnings call last month Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg suggested that the firm is exploring new market expansion plans to add to its growing cash pile.

“We are going to continue preparing for the future by investing aggressively, connecting everyone, understanding the world, and building the next-generation in computing platforms,” Zuckerberg said.

“We have a long journey ahead.”

Facebook is yet to comment on the matter.