Facebook rejigs privacy policy; makes it clearer

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Facebook has shortened its privacy policy and rolled out a clearer, shorter and user friendly privacy policy sized up in 2,700 words down from 9,000 earlier.

Facebook has also launched a Privacy Basics site that intends to explain in layman’s terms how you can control information that others see about you. The new site acts as an animated guide to see how others can interact with you and what you see.

“Our goal is to make the information about Facebook as clear as possible. Our hope is that it will not take long for people to read through this and really get it,” said Erin Egan, Facebook’s chief privacy officer, in a blog post.

The new policy includes questions like “What kinds of information do we collect?” and “How can I manage and delete information about me?”

Facebook also revealed information on how it uses payment data including collection of information on each purchase, credit card data, account authentication information, billing, shipping, and contact information.

Facebook may have rewritten and redesigned the text of its privacy policy making it much more readable and navigable, but it hardly changes anything as far as the actual meat of the policies go.

The social networking giant is inviting comments and feedback on its updated privacy policy starting this week right through to November 20. However, it isn’t clear whether Facebook will take them into consideration or not.