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LG Display unveils 0.7mm bezel FHD LCD Panel – world’s narrowest

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LG Display has unveiled its new 5.3-inch Full HD LCD panel for smartphones, which has world’s narrowest bezel at 0.7mm.

Thickness of the new display is narrower than the 0.8mm thickness of a credit card and LG Display used its “Neo Edge” module processing technology and the world’s first “Advanced In-Cell Touch (AIT)” technology to create it.

“With the growing trend for large screen smartphones, customer demand for displays with a narrow bezel is increasing, because it enables users to enjoy the maximum use of screen area without compromising excellent grip and design,” said Byeong-koo Kim, VP and Head of IT/Mobile Development Group at LG Display.

“With this innovative product having many advantages, ranging from its narrow 0.7mm bezel and high resolution picture quality to its slim design and touch-embedded solutions, LG Display will continue to lead the growing market for large screen smartphones, meeting the expectations of customers and users by enhancing the quality of devices,” said Kim.

LG Display’s Neo Edge technology uses an adhesive (glue) instead of double-sided tape to attach and seal the total area and edges of the panel’s circuit board and backlight unit. This technology helps achieve minimal bezel width, while blocking light leakage and being waterproof and dustproof.

The adhesive seal also prevents rust that sometimes occurs along the edge of the glass panel. And it also improves the panel’s durability despite of the narrow bezel.

Whereas the “Advanced In-Cell Touch (AIT)” technology reduces the need for bezel space because the touch panel is embedded into the LCD module. The technology offers a slim design and exceptional touch.

LG Display will start mass production of this innovative product by November this year and first it will reach China followed by other countries.