EFF rolls out IFightSurveillance.org to fight online surveillance

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has launched IFightSurveillance.org, a new website that aims to fight online surveillance.

The new website IFightSurveillance.org has been designed to educate people about how mass surveillance takes place, what it involves and how to tackle it. The site showcases figures from EFF’s list of counter-surveillance success stories, a set of guides showing how individuals and organizations have fought surveillance in their own ways.

The website, available in 16 different languages, also highlights images and quotes from activists, business leaders, lawyers and technologists like Vladan Sobjer, Ron Deibert and Anne Roth.

IFightSurveillance.org lists steps that activists can take, including using encryption software and anonymity networks like Tor to shield themselves in order to resist online surveillance.

The website also urges activists’ support for a decentralized internet and asks them to sign onto the EFF’s 13 Necessary and Proportionate Principles, a global framework to protect human rights.

“Too often, the debate over surveillance is seen as a ‘domestic’ issue, only of concern to citizens of the country doing the spying,” EFF International Director Danny O’Brien said.

“The truth is that mass surveillance isn’t confined to national borders, and neither is the response to it. Technologists, activists, and Internet users are all working to fight back against mass surveillance. Wherever you are, whoever you are, there are people close to you working to stop the spying, and you can join them.”

The EFF, as part of its anti-surveillance initiative, is recommending users to employ Privacy Pack software on various platforms which includes encrypted chat programs, Tor, password managers and mobile apps like RedPhone and TextSecure.