Microsoft rolls out new education platform ‘OneNote Class Notebooks’

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Microsoft has rolled out its own new education platform for teachers and students dubbed OneNote Class Notebooks which it claims will make teaching – especially assigning and collecting homework – easier than ever.

The education app will allow teachers to set up personal workspace for each and every student in the class that will be synced online using Office 365 and SharePoint Online.

Designed to boost “classroom efficiency”, the OneNote Class Notebook will simplify the whole process of assigning and collecting homework assignments and consolidating teacher feedback in a single place, according to Microsoft.

The OneNote Class Notebook has been divided into three sections- private notebooks, content library and collaboration space.

The private notebooks in OneNote class notebook will be shared only between the teacher and each individual student. This means that students cannot access each other’s notebooks, while teachers will be able to access them any time to check their progress.

Content library provides a place for teachers to upload all of the documents related to their lectures and assignments, while a collaboration space is also available for everyone to share, organize and collaborate content.

The OneNote Class Notebook Creator app, described as “a flexible digital framework for teaching and learning,” is free for educators with Office 365. The app has been created by the OneNote team in partnership with Microsoft Research and Microsoft China.