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Linux 3.12-rc4 released

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Getting back to his Sunday schedule, Linus Torvalds has released the fourth release candidate of the Linux 3.12 Kernel.

Already half way into the release cycle, the Linux 3.12 doesn’t bring in any new features now except for bug fixes and updates to the already merged code. Torvalds notes, “rc4 has more new commits than rc3, which doesn’t make me feel all warm and fuzzy, but nothing major really stands out.”

Torvalds notes that the rc4 brings with it a lot many file system updates for “cifs, xfs, btrfs, fuse and nilfs2.” RC4 also packs few driver updates and generic networking changes alongside some arch updates for arm, power, s+core, avr32.

Linux 3.12-rc3 was released last week and it included “some performance-tweaking in the new lockref support for ARM and s390.”

Some of the important features of Linux 3.12 include support for zRAM, AMD Berlin APU and Snapdragon DRM/KMS drivers; revised version of SimpleDRM; full support for eLLC cache; improvement to Intel GMA-500 Poulsbo driver; improvements in the open-source graphics driver; upgrades to various Linux file-systems; and a lot of work on ARM among others. For more, read Linux 3.12 features here.