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New Site Aims to Help Users Test Their Broadband Speed…

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Many of us know what speed our broadband is… don’t we? Well, we may know what speed we can get up to, based on our deal with our ISP – but this may not be anywhere near the actual speed you are getting.

There are two things to consider here, firstly what speed your ISP says you are allocated by them, in the broadband package you have with them. The second thing you need to think about, is what speed your line actually allows.

If this all seems a bit much, you can of course use one of the online tools that test your broadband speed.

How do I Test My Broadband Speed???

There is a website that is currently being setup that aims to provide one of the best broadband speed testers available, along with lots of news articles about broadband matters, and general broadband advice. Everything from how to speed up your broadband connection by optimizing your persoanl computer, to securing wireless networks.

http://www.testmybroadbandspeed.com will soon have what is hoped by them to be one of the best broadband speed testers available on the net.

The web is said to be one of the most popular places to find out about broadband issues and news, more than likely this is partly due to the fast availablity of news on technology issues, on website/portals such as Google News. The net is also a popular place for people to compare broadband deals, with many websites existing to this end.