Facebook testing new private social app ‘Moments’, new report claims

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Recent reports suggest Facebook is currently working on a new standalone app code-named Moments that will see to it that users’ personal content is shared only with trusted friends and family members.

The main idea behind the app is to help users easily share their private content including images and other personal messages with close family and friends.

According to a TechCrunch report, citing multiple sources familiar with Facebook’s work on the app, including one who has seen a demo of the app at Facebook, the new ‘Moments’ app is completely ready and is currently being tested internally by Facebook employees.

The new app is said to have a grid-style interface including tiles, which represents each of users’ close friends or family segments, on which users can tap to share content. The idea somewhat resembles the “circles” grouping in feature found in Google’s social networking offering Google+.

The app is being created especially for those Facebook users who want to share intimate content with close contacts, but gets frustrated relearning the social networking giant’s complicated privacy settings on how to share content with select users.

It is, however, still unclear whether or not the app will ever actually be released or whether it would be integrated with Facebook groups or not.

When asked about the new app, a Facebook spokesperson said “we do not comment on rumors or speculation.”