Samsung takes a dig at iPhone 6 Plus in latest ad

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A Samsung ad seems to be hinting that Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus is a copy of its Galaxy Note a phablet form factor that it had put in the market 3 years earlier.

The Samsung ad compares some of the Galaxy note features with iPhone 6 Plus including the stylus and multi-pane multitasking. The ad ends saying, “The Next Big Thing is here,” comes out in October.

Since its entry into the smartphone market, Samsung has introduced devices after devices each with different sizes. The company has the reputation for putting umpteen numbers of phones and picking out those that click among users. Once one of its devices becomes a hit it starts to claim it as the “first.”

The fact that the ad appeared on the day following Apple’s CEO’s claim that it could have made a big-screen iPhone years before but didn’t is significant. He had told that Apple wanted everything in place to create a high-quality device. The CEO also hinted that they are working on newer devices.

“There are products we’re working on that no one knows about, yes. That haven’t been rumoured about yet,” he added.

Samsung’s ad, some claim, are aimed at discrediting Apple’s new iPhone 6 and iPhone6 Plus which have taken the market by storm. On the opening day of the booking, Apple created history by breaking several records for a launch.

The ad also bashed at Apple’s planned release of “Apple Watch”.