GTA V for PS4, Xbox One releasing in November; PC version by January 2015

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For all the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) fans, carjacking, looting, fighting and shoplifting would have a new meaning with Rockstar announcing the release of GTA V this year on PS4 and Xbox One versions, but there is a bit of a disappointment for PC gamers.

Rockstar has confirmed that PS4 and Xbox One versions would be released on November 18, but the PC gamers will have to wait till next year for the PC version to be released on January 27.

Earlier, there were reports that the console version of the game would be delayed. However, November may still sound as “delay,” as the game has indeed taken some time compared to the announced autumn release.

The GTA V would have higher resolution. There would be increased draw distance, along with a fleet of new vehicles and a cache of new arms and ammunition up for snatch!

GTA V would also provide a more realistic feel with the introduction of additional wildlife, foliage, enhanced damage, superb weather effects and a crowded street, which would make the carjacking more challenging.

Plus the radio stations would now air 100 new songs. There would also be DJ mixes. There are also some interesting surprises for gamers who upgrade from the PS3 and Xbox 360 releases.