eBay down for hours due to technical glitch; Facebook suffered 15 minutes outage

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E-retailing giant eBay on Wednesday, September 3 – its 19th anniversary of founding, suffered a brief outage with users facing difficulty to log in to their accounts such as receiving incorrect password alerts or user account does not exist alert.

The technical glitch, reportedly the 11th such problem that the e-commerce giant has suffered this year, was the result of scheduled server maintenance, according to Ryan Moore, an eBay spokesperson.

Moore added that the issue affected only a “small portion of users” and also apologised for any inconvenience to its users.

eBay users took it to Twitter and the eBay’s community forums to express their displeasure with tweets having hashtag #ebaydown. Some users reported problems with PayPal, eBay’s payment processing site, as well.

After around 3+ hours, the company issued a statement at 05:49PM PST/PT, stating that the issue has been resolved and the site functionality has been restored. eBay also promised to provide the affected sellers with answers to their questions of selling activity, along with additional information “separately on possible fee adjustments and related seller protections.”

However, eBay is not the only company that suffered outage on Wednesday.

Facebook was also down reportedly due to an error occurred “while making an infrastructure configuration change.” The social networking site, starting at around 3:40 ET, was down for many people from all over the world, but was quickly restored in about 15 minutes.

Yahoo’s Tumblr website was also down for about 20 minutes, with the blogs in the platform inaccessible. The company said that the issue was due to the interruption in primary data center’s connection to the internet during maintenance and that it was resolved.

Apple’s iTune store is also said to have faced a similar issue between 3:30 pm to 9 pm PDT, with some of its users “unable to access multiple stores or make purchases.”

LinkedIn, the professional-networking website, also confirmed that it is “experiencing some issues” and that the “team is working hard to resolve.”