Samsung spreads UHD wings; confirms exclusive Amazon Prime 4K video on demand deal

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Samsung has confirmed signing an exclusive deal with Amazon to provide Amazon Prime 4K video on demand to its 4K aka ultra HD (UHD) TV owners – a move that clearly reflects Samsung’s growing ambitions to capitalize on burgeoning 4K market.

Won Jin Lee, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, claimed that the era of 4K is beginning and will see a widespread adoption with time and to ensure consistent take-up consumers should be provided with more choices as far as 4K or UHD content goes.

“We are providing our customers with a wider array of UHD content to enjoy on our ultra-immersive Curved UHD TVs”, said Lee.

Along with the Amazon Prime 4K video on demand service, Samsung is expected to offer its download service for which it has been working with Secure Content Storage Association [SCSA] to develop a standard of security that intends to satisfy the security requirements of content creators and major Hollywood studios.

Samsung has already partnered with maxdome, Wuaki.tv and CHILI in Europe to provide its European customers with 4K content options and its US only Netflix streaming will soon break the Atlantic barrier and cross over to Europe.

Samsung’s deal with Amazon encompasses all Amazon programing along with original shows including the highly-anticipated Transparent.