Microsoft Windows 8.1 goes on pre-order

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Microsoft has made available its latest Windows 8.1 on pre-order from its online store starting today.

Microsoft will be offering boxed copies of Windows 8.1 with delivery guaranteed by October 17 in the US. You will need to pay $199 for a DVD copy. Users running Windows 8 are eligible for a free upgrade and Microsoft notes that users should “visit the Windows Store for a free update to Windows 8.1 starting on October 17.”

The pre-order page doesn’t detail any sort of discounts and you will have to shell out the full price for Windows 8.1 unlike its predecessor Windows 8 for which Microsoft offered hefty discounts during its pre-order days.

It seems that the pre-order offer has only been made live on Microsoft US store for now as other locations don’t have Windows 8.1 listed as one of the products yet.