Brits devote more time in accessing digital technology than sleeping claims new research

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Brits devote more time in accessing digital technology than sleeping, a new research study claims.

According to a research study conducted by communications regulator Ofcom, an average UK adult spends more time in accessing media or communications (eight hours, 41 minutes a day) than they do sleeping (eight hours, 21 minutes).
When multi-tasking is taken into account, the total time spent on technology surges even higher to (11 hours, seven minutes), the report found.

The research, conducted among 2,000 adults and 800 children, concluded that UK teenagers spent just 3 percent of their communications time on making voice calls, while they spent 94 percent of the time sending text messages, using instant messaging services or on social networking sites. In comparison, 20 per cent of UK adults’ communications time is spent on making voice calls from their phones.

The study also revealed that popularity of tablets and smart phones continues to rise. While 44 per cent of UK households now own a tablet as compared to 24 per cent a year ago, 61 per cent of UK adults currently own a smartphone, up from 51 per cent reported a year earlier.

Tablet popularity also increased among the older generation, as 22 percent of over 65s now owns one compared to just 2 percent two years ago.

Another interesting thing to note is that the study found that a six year old child has the same knowledge of new technology as an average 45-year-old has.

According to the report, people reach a peak of digital understanding at around 14-15 years.

Ofcom chief executive Ed Richards said the research report shows that a ‘millennium generation’ is shaping communications habits for the future. While children and teenagers remain to be the most digitally-savvy ones, the new technology is benefitting people of all age groups.