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Google to boot noncompliant Android app developers starting next week

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The 30 day time limit that Google gave to Android app developers in late August is almost up and it will soon start banning them if they don’t comply with two key changes made in Google Play Developer Program Policies.

In late August Google updated its Android app developer policies whereby it banned developers from adding ads within notifications and also banned addition of an ad-focused icon to an Android user’s home screen. At the time it noted that developers will have 30 days to comply with the updated policy or else face consequences.

Google hasn’t always been this harsh and in in the initial days of Android, developers did get away with a lot of malpractices considering how hard it was to monetize apps in those days. But as Android user experience for the OS and within apps is catching up with iOS, it seems that Google is tightening its shackles to keep developers in check and align its policies with those laid down by Apple.

The coming week will be the first week when the new policy will be enforced and it’s about time that developers get their act together and update their apps to get rid of violating monetization techniques or be ready to face a ban.

Anti-monetization policy updates like these may be tough for developers in the initial days, but in the long run such policies allow for an improved user experience, which will in turn lead to increased app downloads, usage and thereby increased revenue through acceptable means.