Access to social media websites makes people feel jealous of others, new survey claims

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Using more of social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter makes people feel jealous and inadequate about their lives and achievements, claims a new British survey.

According to Disability charity Scope, 62 per cent of Facebook and Twitter users in an interview admitted they felt their own achievements were inadequate as compared to others’ posts, while 60 per cent of them said they feel jealous of other users while accessing social media sites.

The new survey, involving 1500 social media users, comes right ahead of Scope’s Digital Detox weekend. The weekend will see self-confessed social network addicts trying to go without technology for 48 long hours.

Debbie Bines, head of challenge events at Scope said no doubt social media works best to help people connect and stay in touch with friends, learn new things as well as be aware of what’s going all around the world, but when things get out of balance, people start comparing themselves with others, or feeling irritated, jealous or even ugly. It’s time for a break now, Bines added.

The survey found that almost 50 percent of 18-34 year olds said they feel ugly or unattractive because of their social media feeds, while 30 per cent said the feeds also made them feel lonely.

Nearly half of the 1500 social media users between 18 and 34-year olds said they had thought of quitting social media completely, but admitted that it would be very difficult for them to stay in touch with their friends in absence of social media.

Bines said Scope’s Digital Detox weekend comes as a challenge for social media addicts to check if they can keep themselves away from their digital addiction for 48 hours or not.

Bines added that the Digital Detox weekend will allow people to properly relax and enjoy life offline and at the same time it will also help the charity to raise money to support disabled people.