EE apologises to Orange customers annoyed over spam marketing messages

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EE’s Orange, one of UK’s leading mobile carrier, was hit by a technical glitch with hundreds of customers complaining about being bombarded with numerous spam text messages over the weekend including some who received as many as 100 messages over the period.

The concerned spam text messages were related to Orange’s Magic Numbers service that allowed users to add certain numbers to their plans including their favourite Orange Mobile and Orange Broadband Wireless and Talk numbers that they can make calls to for free.

The marketing messages read “Hi from Orange. Congratulations: you can now add another Magic Number.” The message also included a link that users could click to add an extra magic number to their accounts.

Annoyed customers took their frustration to social networking sites and EE’s online forum.

Miles, a member of EE’s community team, posted an apology on the message board. He wrote that the company is aware of the glitch affecting the text message service resulting in sending customers numerous reminder messages. He admitted that customers, who should receive only one such reminder, are complaining of getting them in multiple numbers.

He continued that the company is apologising to all the affected customers for the inconvenience caused and that they will not be charged to receive any magic number reminders. He also said that the team is working hard to resolve the glitch and hopes to come up with a solution as soon as possible.