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Torvalds releases Linux 3.16-rc6; warns that he may get grumpy if things don’t calm down

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Linus Torvalds has released Linux 3.16-rc6, which is a ‘bigger’ than rc5, with a note that he will start getting grumpy if he notices that people aren’t serious about trying to calm things down this late in the release cycle.

“Week by week, we’re getting to what is supposed to be the last rc’s, but quite frankly, things aren’t calming down the way they are supposed to”, notes Torvalds in the latest release announcement.

Referring to rc5, Torvalds notes that it was bigger than its predecessor rc4 and that he isn’t worried about rc6 being bigger than rc5 at this point because there isn’t too much frivolous stuff in there. However, he adds that he will be keeping an eye out for such things and will “be starting to get grumpy (or grumpiER) if I notice that people aren’t being serious about trying to calm things down.”

Linux 3.16-rc6 packs changes that are “pretty much all over” including updates and changes to drivers, filesystems, core networking code among other things.

From previous release trend it will be safe to assume that there will be one more ‘rc’ releases before we get Linux 3.16 final, but if things are not calm we anticipate Torvalds to push out an rc8 before the final release.