BT re-enters mobile phone arena with ‘One Phone’ service

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Telecoms giant BT on Thursday announced its re-entry into the mobile phone market with the launch of a new business service dubbed One Phone aimed to merge landline and mobile in the same handset.

Back in 1998, the company used the exact name ‘One Phone’ for the service that aimed at merging landlines and cordless.

The new One Phone product is designed to combine an individual’s mobile, landline and work extension number on one handset to ensure that all the calls made to these numbers are never missed out. BT claims that the new service will allow businesses to be “more responsive to their customers and less likely to miss calls.”

The British Telecom operator has initially launched two One Phone products – One Phone Office and One Phone Professional, both aimed at businesses with between 20 and 250 employees.

According to the telecom giant, businesses using the One Phone service will be offered a dedicated mobile network at the office site or factory allowing higher quality fixed line coverage and just as the handset is taken outside the premises it automatically connects to the EE network, without causing any interruption in the conversation. The telecom operator confirmed that users will also get access to the company’s 5 million Wi-Fi hotspot networks.

BT said that this service will ensure that users do not miss out on any vital business calls even when they are away from office.

BT Business Chief Executive Graham Sutherland stressed on the need of flexible communications technology for businesses with increasing mobile and demanding workforce, stating that businesses miss business with each missed call.

The new service is expected to be rolled out across UK in the next 6 months, followed by a general public roll out by the end of the current financial year.