Cortana not coming to Android or iOS, Microsoft says

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Group Program Manager for Cortana on Windows Phone Marcus Ash has indicated that Microsoft isn’t necessarily planning to bring the virtual assistant to Android or iOS as their primary goal is to solidify Cortana’s experience on Windows Phone first.

“In a future state, the best experience will still be for #Microsoft customers that own all #Windows devices. Best work is on our devices”, tweeted Ash in a bid to solidify the Q&A session conducted earlier in the week that got many excited about the possibility on Cortana on other mobile platforms.

Speaking at the SMX Advanced search-marketing conference last week, Ash suggested that Microsoft would make Cortana “pervasive” through all its devices and platforms and at the time had said that porting of the virtual assistant on Android, iOS was a mere suggestion.

Ash said that Microsoft’s real plan was to make Cortana great for Windows Phone and to push it out to as many countries as possible.

He further added that only after their initial goals about Cortana are met, will they consider it for other Windows devices. This again was only thoughts and no plan.

This means that those Android and iOS users who got a little too excited about the future of Cortana will have to wait for long long time before the virtual assistant makes it to non-Windows devices and platforms.