Xbox One July update to bring snap mode for achievements, double-tap to snap, more

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Microsoft has detailed its upcoming Xbox One update revealing features that Xbox One owners should expect once their consoles are updated.

First and foremost is the snap mode for achievements – a feature that was teased in the pre-E3 event – through which users can check their achievements they have unlocked within a game, game score and progress made on individual achievements without ever leaving the game.

The achievements will be sorted by how close you are to achieving them. You can even pin a specific achievement to have it on top at all times and in case you are stuck or having trouble in completing a specific achievement, you can always ‘get help’ and check out online tips or search the web for hints.

The update also brings with is a new way to bring up the Snap Centre. You can simply double tap the Xbox button to bring up the ‘Snap Centre’. If you already have something snapped, the double tap will let you quickly switch between the app and the game.

July update also has some region specific updates for New Zealand, Ireland and Austria. The update will allow gamers in these regions “to select voice control using the English or German voice models from other countries”.

The update also sees Xbox One blessed with some new social features such as ability to ‘like’ Game DVR clips as well as any item in the activity feed in SmartGlass.

Microsoft is also bringing in support for “future digital bundles and compilation discs”.

Redmond hasn’t put a specific date against the release of the update, so we will just have to wait this one out.