Sony leapfrogs Nintendo to top console sales chart after 8 years

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Sony, after 8 long years, has finally been successful in beating Japanese rival Nintendo to become 2013’s top gaming console seller, all thanks to the widely popular PlayStation 4.

According to the report from Japanese business news outlet Nikkei, Sony, in the financial year ending March 2014, sold a total of 18.7 million systems as compared to Nintendo’s 16.3 million units. It was last in fiscal 2005 that Sony managed to top the console sales list.

The poor performance of Nintendo’s 3DS system and its new Wii U system resulted in 31 percent drop in console sales. Microsoft’s console sales were recorded 16 percent up, to 11.6 million units owing to the company’s Xbox One November launch.

Sony’s recent success has been attributed to the popularity of the company’s PlayStation 4 gaming console which was launched in the US and other markets in November. Although the company’s general console sales recorded a 20 percent decline in the same fiscal, the PS4 significantly boosted the firm’s overall sale by selling near about 7 million units through the end of March, in just five months of its debut.

The sales numbers are based on the figures published by Nintendo ahead of a shareholders meeting on June 5, and an earnings statement released by Sony on May 14.The figures also included sales of Sony’s older PS3 and PlayStation Vita handhelds and Nintendo’s original Wii and 3DS.

Nikkei also expects Sony to continue to rule the console market even in the current fiscal year.