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China working on new Windows-like Linux OS after Windows 8 ban

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China has started working towards developing a new Linux-based operating system that will possess the look and feel of a Windows operating system, reports from the walled country indicate.

According to a report on Xinhua large OS developers in China have already started working on a new operating system chief among them being China Standard Software Co. and NFS China. The two companies are betting big on the new OS initiative and have revealed that they are working on an OS that will possess the same look and feel as Windows.

The companies have said that despite the fundamental differences in Linux and Windows, they are trying hard to develop a product that will give its consumers a feeling that they are working on Windows.

China Standard Software Co. is already marketing its Neokylin Linux-based platform as a “safe and controlled product that meets the security demands for government, defense and other confidential fields.”

However, as is the case, marketing a Linux product as an excellent replacement for Windows is something that is hard to digest. Further it is ever harder to convince developers to develop software for the platform specifically those ones that are used in day to day operations.

NFS China has reportedly started working on a secure Windows alternative that would not only excel in security, but will also best Windows in design as well.

“Domestic OS can support basic functions like processing texts and pictures, playing music and videos and providing Internet services, although the user experience is not as good as Windows,” said, Ding Liping, a researcher with the Software Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

China recently banned Windows 8 operating system from being used in computers of government agencies as it wants to avert a support related disaster in the future – something definitely pointing to Windows XP end of life.

China has asked Microsoft to continue supporting the dead OS as most of the users have recently purchases its license; however, Microsoft is urging China to ensure that its government agencies upgrade their system as soon as possible.