BlackBerry to roll out BBM for Windows Phone soon

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BlackBerry is finally all set to bring its BBM, the instant messaging service to Windows Phone platform by later this year.

With the launch in Apple and Android platforms last year turning out relatively successful, the once exclusive to BlackBerry devices, BBM app emerged to be a rival for the instant messaging services like WhatsApp, Line, Viber and WeChat.

BBM has managed to gain traction leading to over 113 million registered users and about 85 million monthly users. The company with this move is likely hoping to increase these figures.

“We’re making this strategic move to continue providing the most open and flexible mobile environments for our customers. We’ve expanded our BES10 and BBM messaging platform to include iOS and Android, and later this year we will add Windows Phone,” said John Sims BlackBerry President.

“And, with the help of our partners we hope to continue to provide customers increased flexibility and choice in their mobile device environments.”

Back in February 2014, BlackBerry announced that the instant messaging app will soon be arriving to Windows Phone and Nokia X platforms. The company has also introduced an eBBM Suite, which is also expected to monetise the platform’s value and the increasing user base.

BlackBerry reiterated that it “believes that a corresponding increase in the user base for the BBM service could lead to increased opportunities for monetisation of services offered through the platform, through advertising or through the implementation of solutions by enterprise customers.”

BlackBerry is yet to announce the exact launch date of BBM in Windows Phone.