Xbox One April updates have started rolling out

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Microsoft’s Major Nelson, Larry Hyrb disclosed that the April updates for Xbox One would be rolling out on 14th night with a few new features and tweaks.

There have been no sweep-off-the-feet updates since the launch of Xbox One and the same can be said about the current update. Users might already find the updates in their consoles, if not they will in a few days.

The major thing about the April update is the notification feature which would notify you when your Xbox One friends are available online. Hyrb wrote, “This was one of the most frequently requested features, so we made it a priority to include it in this update.” Also, you will be able to see which of your friends are available online who are in multiplayer.

Other on-screen updates include a new progress bar replacing the spinning icon to know the progress when you’re saving games and a modified GameDVR algorithm revved up to support up to 50Hz of video output. Blu-ray player support is also included in this update and the corresponding app will get an update shortly.

There are also tweaks that would not be prominent but give a better experience. The Kinect algorithms are made smarter which will stop the sensor from picking up non-hand movements which has been a major killjoy for several players.

The wireless headset will have reduced audio static and better connectivity after the update.

Included in this update is an option to receive updates without having to manually approve the future updates. If your device is in the Instant On mode, the update will load automatically after which the device will get back to stand-by mode until you turn it on. You can adjust this setting from the System Settings based on your preferences.