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Sony Ericsson C905 – Now With 160mb RAM

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The Sony Ericsson c905 handset is relatively unique amongst the ranks of camera phones, in that it keeps the look and feel of a mobile phone, whilst managing to resemble a cybershot camera.
Some consider the phone to have slightly less features than other phones in its class (such as the Nokia N96 Handset) but the 2.4inch Accelerometer driven screen, 2gb storage and side located ports certainly don’t let the user down.

The C905 8.1 mega pixel Camera

When using the camera, there is a very handy anti-shake system, which is definately a plus when snapping quick shots. The actual shot time seems pretty quick, and colours seemed pretty accurate. There does, however, seem to be a dependancy on the Xenon flash, although it does have to be said that this flash appears to be one of the best around. The PhotoDj software gives a pretty handy and swift way of tweaking images after they are taken.

c905 Video Capture

If only the video was as good as the still image quality!
The camera only manages the QVGA format at 30fps, with no macro available. The video editing software provided is also VER basic, and its media player seems to fall over when a Divx is waved at it.

C905 Data Functions (Wifi)

The Ericsson c905 does have 3g HSDPA, running at up to 3.6mbps, and dual WiFi. There is also GPS functionality, via a subsciption based system.

How does it compare

The Sony Ericsson c905 is overall a great phone, so long as you don’t need a decent Video phone, or are looking for a feature packed handset. For those wanting more functions, or better video, consider the Samsung i8510 handset, which can handle 120fps in QVGA Video format.